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Principal’s Weekly Update

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.  (Luke 21:33)


  • Monday, we began the week with our Book Fair.  There was a lot of excitement in the building!
  • School Mass was on Tuesday morning.  Thank you very much to Fr. Michael for presiding.  This Mass, we had our Kindergarten students join us for the first time too.  Their Gr. 8 buddies were very helpful!
  • Pizza lunch was on Wednesday for those students who ordered.
  • Wednesday and Thursday were our Parent Teacher Interviews.  It was wonderful to have parents back in the building again. 😊
  • Today was also our Used Uniform Sale.  A special thank you to Rebecca Gietz, our used uniform coordinator, and her team of volunteers for making this sale happen.
  • Today was also our Staff Appreciation Lunch hosted by the Grs. 6C & 6V families.  It was amazing!!  Thank you so very much to our Class Reps for organizing this event as well, Monica Ruiz, Amber Hemminger, and Candace Taylorson.  You did a terrific job!  Everything was delicious, and there were a lot of smiling staff in the staffroom today!
  • Friday is an Inservice day, no school.  Teaching staff are participating in MTS PD Day. 

*A very special thank you to Amanda Ryz, our Building & Grounds Chair, and her amazing group of volunteers, who spent last Saturday doing Spruce Up the School.  It is sincerely appreciated.  


Every year, the Grade 8 students have the opportunity to participate in a Grade 8 Religious Retreat. It is an important opportunity to acknowledge the students’ last year at St. Charles Catholic School and to prepare for the Grade 8 Farewell Mass in June. The theme for the Retreat this year was Growing in Faith through the work of the Holy Spirit. For a second year, the Donda Youth Group from St. Paul the Apostle Parish led the Retreat. It was held at St. Charles Parish and students participated in prayer activities, reflections, and games to develop their understanding of the theme. The youth leaders were amazing, and our students really enjoyed the day! Thank you to St. Charles Parish for allowing us to use your facility for our Retreat. (picture link)

Mrs. A. Prettie


  • Tuesday our Middle Years students have Advisory groups.
  • Wednesday is Subway lunch for those students who have ordered.
  • Friday, representatives from St. Mary’s Academy and St. Paul’s High School will be here to speak with our Gr. 8 students about high school. 


  • Black & Orange Colour Day will be on October 31st
  • Late Middle Years assignments for Term 1 are due no later than November 4th.
  • Our annual St. Charles Day Assembly is happening on November 4th.
  • Power School will be closed to parents on November 8th so teaching staff can enter marks for report cards.
  • Remembrance Day Assembly will be held on November 9th @ 10:30am in our main gym.  Parents/guardians are welcome to attend.
  • Our Bingo Fundraiser will be held on November 10th at St. Paul the Apostle Parish.  More details to follow.
  • No school on November 11th for Remembrance Day.
  • Lifetouch Picture Re-take Day is on November 15th.
  • The PAC Meeting will be held on November 16th @ 6:30pm.
  • Our Grs. 1, ½, & 2 students will be going to the Manitoba Museum on November 18th.
  • Our next School Mass will be held on November 22nd


  • BASC opens at 7am, just text when at the door.
  • For pickup it will take an extra minute for us to get to the doors as we are making sure students are dressed properly when leaving.
  • There is BLINE on Monday.
  • The Fall Craft is on Tuesday.
  • BLINE is on Wednesday.
  • Baking Cheesecake is on Thursday.
  • November & December have a Winter, Snowy Season and Christmas Craft.
  • November 10th no school but it is full day BASC.
  • No BASC Friday, November 11th 

Forms ARE on the website, or I can send a copy home.
Thanks Kim


There will be many opportunities where parents may need a fob to enter the school for special circumstances/events. 

Fobs are $20.00 and must be paid for before they are received.  There is also a form which must be filled out. If you are interested in receiving a fob, please come into the front office to order, pre-pay, and complete the form.  Fobs are only created once payment is received.


Tonight is the last night for in-school shopping at the BookFair. We are open until 7:30pm. We’ve benefited with excellent participation by our SCCS community, both via shopping and volunteering. Thank you so much!

Our Virtual BookFair is still available for on-line shopping tomorrow, the 21st, in the event that you need any last minute items.

Your support is greatly appreciated, thanks again

The BookFair Committee


Have you done some VIP hours already?  Are you looking where to log them?  Here is the Permission Click link.  This link can also be found on our school website in the ParentZone, for your convenience to log hours anytime during the school year.


Last Tuesday, parents of our older students, (Grs. 4-8), had the option to drop your child off further down St. Charles Street at Sansome Avenue. (West side of St. Charles Street) This is to help with the parking congestion in the mornings.

Parents can turn right on Sansome Avenue, drop their son/daughter off, and continue toward Gagnon Street to loop back to Portage Avenue.  Students can proceed down St. Charles Street to cross the street at the patrols at Augier Avenue and St. Charles Street.

Please know that adult supervision is provided beginning at 8:15am each day.

If you would like to volunteer to help supervise this corner, please sign up on the link below.  It’s great volunteer hours!  😊

LINK TO VOLUNTEER FOR DROPOFF SUPERVISION for Grades 4-8 West Side of Sansome Ave. & St. Charles St.

God our strength, with you on our side, we can do anything.  With you at our side, we can go anywhere.  With you in our midst, we can be free.  Thank you, God, for giving us the courage to deal with the unknowns in life.  Amen.

Wishing you a terrific long weekend!
See you on Monday!