About Us

Mission, Vision, Values


St. Charles Catholic School develops the whole student, honouring tradition in a faith based environment. SCCS provides innovative and challenging programs to engage not only the student, but all members of the community.

SCCS graduates are prepared to enter their next phase of development as active members of society.


Educating children in an inclusive, faith-based community: a journey of academic excellence and formation in Christ.


Character Building

Creates and fosters well-rounded citizens who are prepared to make a positive contribution to society.

Whole Child

Fostering each child’s unique gifts and abilities. In body, mind, and soul.

Positive Environment

Provides a nurturing and respectful environment in which to learn and grow.

Balanced Education

Aims to create a balance in skills and creativity through programs that are diverse, challenging and extensive.


Honours the long history of the school but continues to innovate.


Fosters a strong sense of community and family involvement in school.


Staff devoted to excellence and who lead through example. Parents who support the mission of the school.