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Principal’s Weekly Update

The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.  (Psalm 145:14)

Update Attachments – Halloween Letter to Parents.pdf


  • Our Middle Years students had their Advisory groups on Tuesday. 
  • Wednesday was Subway Lunch for those students who ordered.
  • Some of our students participated in a lunch meeting on Wednesday to learn more about auditioning for our upcoming school musical next May.
  • Our Gr. 8 students had a visit from St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s on Friday to discuss high school and options for Gr. 9.  It was nice to see Emma and Maddie from SMA, two of our former students, who came back to share their experiences with our Gr. 8 girls.


Last Saturday, some of our Middle Years students participated in a special cross country run at Kilcona Park.  Congratulations to Max, Jackson, Danny, Mitch, Charlotte, Harry, Kaitlynn, and Jessica.  You all did a fabulous job representing SCCS!  Charger strong!


  • Monday is Black & Orange Colour Day.  It’s also Halloween.
  • Enrichment is on Tuesday for our Middle Years students.
  • Tuesday is All Saints Day.
  • Wednesday is All Soul’s Day.
  • Wednesday is Pizza Day for those students who have ordered.
  • Friday is the final due date for all outstanding Middle Years Term 1 assignments.
  • St. Charles Day is on Friday.  We will begin Friday morning with our annual St. Charles Day Assembly. 


  • Power School will be closed to parents on November 8th so teaching staff can enter marks for report cards.
  • Remembrance Day Assembly will be held on November 9th @ 10:30am in our main gym.  Parents/guardians are welcome to attend.
  • Our Bingo Fundraiser will be held on November 10th at St. Paul the Apostle Parish.  More details to follow.
  • No school on November 11th for Remembrance Day. 
  • Lifetouch Picture Re-take Day is on November 15th.
  • The PAC Meeting will be held on November 16th @ 6:30pm.
  • Our Grs. 1, 1-2, & 2 students will be going to the Manitoba Museum on November 18th
  • Our next School Mass will be held on November 22nd
  • Storytelling & The Treaty Relationship Assembly will be held on November 24th for all our staff/students.


New students/newly diagnosed students with asthma and/or anaphylaxis have had URIS packages sent home with them today. Please read the information included in the package and complete the necessary paperwork should you choose to voluntarily enroll your child in the URIS program. Please return completed packages to the Front Office as soon as possible. Thank you! Ms. J


Thank you to everyone who donated winter coats, accessories, and books!  A very special thank you to Tracy and Michelle who took all the items for drop-off. 


  • Tuesday is a new month. Please make sure to submit your BASC form before attending. 
  • All payments for October BASC are due. 
  • There is no BLINE on Monday. 
  • There is Cheer & POM on Tuesday 
  • There is BLINE on Wednesday. 
  • There are a few spots left in November & December crafts. 
  • Thursday, November 10th is a full day BASC, there is no field trip but you must be registered by November 2nd to attend. 
  • No BASC Friday, November 11th

Reminder for all BASC drop off or pickup, please text when at the front door.  We are still bringing the students to the front doors. 


This week, our Board of Directors sent out a letter about parking protocols.  Further to the letter, please make sure that if you are using the loading zone to drop-off your child(ren) in the morning, do not leave your vehicle unattended while walking your child(ren) to their door.  According to emails received, this is becoming an issue and holding up traffic.  Please drop and go so that others can have the same opportunity.  Once you are in the loading zone, please pull up as much as you can so that other vehicles can pull in behind you.

You will also find attached to this update the letter that was sent home yesterday.  Please note that there is a correction for the VIP hours email address. (link to revised information)


A really big thankyou to all our volunteers, parent and student shoppers, and staff that supported our BookFair week and made it a success! We had a fun week with many contests, prizes, positive energy and excitement from the students!

The proceeds earned from the BookFair allow us to purchase books for our Guided Reading program, Library and classrooms. We also have been able to purchase: bulk class art supplies such as chalk and oil pastels, classroom carpets, bulletin board lettering and banners, science center materials, coding and enrichment resources, library equipment such as book repair kits and this year a much needed Book Return cart. 

Again, many thanks!

The BookFair Committee


There will be many opportunities where parents may need a fob to enter the school for special circumstances/events. 

Fobs are $20.00 and must be paid for before they are received.  There is also a form which must be filled out. If you are interested in receiving a fob, please come into the front office to order, pre-pay, and complete the form.  Fobs are only created once payment is received.

Aflame Youth Group —Come and Check Us Out!

Starting date: November 13th 6:30-8:30pm @Saint Paul the Apostle Parish. 

Instagram: aflameyouthgroup

Following dates:

Nov 27th @Saint Paul the Apostle Parish

Dec 11th @OLPH


Have you done some VIP hours already?  Are you looking where to log them?  Here is the Permission Click link.  This link can also be found on our school website in the ParentZone, for your convenience to log hours anytime during the school year.


Please use this location to drop off your son/daughter if they are in grades 4-8. 

Adult supervision is provided beginning at 8:15am each day.

Watch for the yellow sign that says, “Drop & Go!” 

If you would like to volunteer to help supervise this corner, please sign up on the link below.  It’s great volunteer hours!  😊

A huge thank you to Johnny and Margarita who have been helping to supervise this drop off location! 

LINK TO VOLUNTEER FOR DROPOFF SUPERVISION for Grades 4-8 West Side of Sansome Ave. & St. Charles St.


Once again, this year, St. Charles Catholic School is pleased to announce we will embark on a second year of fundraising through our online app called FlipGive.  This app has raised over $37 million for the many teams who have used it.

We earn cash back on every purchase we make all year long! All you must do is shop anytime with the brands you already love, like Tim Hortons, Indigo, Walmart, Sport Chek,  Winners, Amazon, Esso, Best Buy, Boston Pizza and Superstore.  This round of fundraising is completely virtual and contactless.     

Check out the gift cards at a glance here:

Throughout the year, brands are continuously changing, so once you are on the app, keep checking in, as many exciting choices keep coming.

Join our team now and you’ll get a $5 bonus the first time you shop:

   Or enter this code when you are on the FlipGive app: NB7F49

Want to learn more? Check out this 2 minute video:

Email address if you get stuck:

Sincerely from your online fundraising team,

   Tiffany and Rick Lippens

It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, so enjoy every minute.

See you on Monday!