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Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  (Isaiah 40:31)

Update Attachments – BrendenS Contest Winner : BrendenS Winning Poem


  • Two independent school liaisons from the Department of Education spent the day at SCCS on January 17th.  The purpose of the visit was to make sure that we are adhering to the requirements for provincial funding, as well as other applicable components of The Public Schools Act and The Education Administration Act plus pertinent regulations, department policy, and Ministerial directives.  Mrs. Prettie and I spent part of the day speaking with our guests about school operations, and curriculum implementation.  They also spent time observing in classrooms and interacting with staff and students throughout the day. 
  • Tuesday was also Enrichment for our Middle Years students.
  • Subway Lunch was on Wednesday for those students who ordered.
  • I participated in my annual Principal’s Retreat Wednesday-Friday.  The theme of the retreat was: “Seeing God in All Things: A Taste of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola for Administrators.” 


  • Our K-2 students had Learn to Skate on Monday.
  • Tuesday, our Middle Years students had Advisory groups.
  • Wednesday, our grades 3-5 students participated in an Anti-Bullying Presentation put on by the Bisons. 
  • Wednesday was also Pizza Day for those students who ordered.
  • Thursday one of the Knights of Columbus was here to present some book certificates to the winners of our Keep Christ in Christmas Colouring Contest.  We had 11 winners in total, and 4 of those winners had their picture sent on to the provincial contest!  A very special congratulations to the following students:
    • Charlotte (Gr. 6) 1st place
    • Leo (Gr. 5) 2nd place
    • Bronson (Gr. 5) 3rd place
    • Kaylee (Gr. 3) 1st place
    • Rayala (Gr. 4) 2nd place
    • Lillian (Gr. 2) 1st place
    • Victoria (Gr. 1) 2nd place
    • Ben S (Gr.1) 3rd place
    • Vanessa S (KL) 1st place
    • Mia V(KL) 2nd place
    • Walker N (KF) 3rd place

A very special congratulations to Charlotte, Kaylee, Lillian, and Vanessa whose pictures were sent to the provincials! 
We are proud of all our winners, and to all our students who entered this contest. 

  • Thursday, we had baby Henrik and Mrs. Boughton visit for Roots of Empathy.  Our Kindergarten students learned the importance of a diaper bag, its contents, and taking care of baby Henrik.  It was exciting because baby Henrik also sucked his thumb for the first time when visiting SCCS!  😊
  • Friday was an Inservice Day.  Staff participated in a Faith Development Retreat led by Fr. Eric.  The day was divided into 4 parts and focused on adult formation.
  • Our theme of the day was “Who Is God?  What is the purpose of Creation and the coming of Christ? and Does God’s Plan of Salvation include all Creation too?”  It was a very reflective day, filled with lots of great discussion and sharing. 


  • Monday is Learn to Skate for our K-2 students.
  • Re-registrations will be distributed on January 30th for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • School Mass will be held on January 31st.  Msgr. Comeault will be celebrating the Mass with us. 
  • Our annual Kinder Fair and Grs. 1-8 General Open House will be held on January 31st as well.  Kinder Fair begins at 6:00pm, and the Grs. 1-8 General Open House begins at 6:30pm. 
  • Wednesday is our kickoff assembly for “I Love to Read Month”. Our staff committee for this wonderful month have a lot of great ideas for students and staff to participate in.  More details to follow!
  • Wednesday is also Subway Lunch for those students who have ordered.
  • Popcorn Day will be held Friday. 


Congratulations to Gbolabo in Gr. 8 who had the opportunity to drop the puck at the Jets game a couple of weeks ago! This was part of her experience with Project 11, and her interview with Blake Wheeler prior to Christmas holidays.  How exciting!

Congratulations to Brenden in Gr. 5 who found out yesterday that his Remembrance Day poem won first place in the junior poem Remembrance Day literacy contest!  Fantastic job, Brenden!


  • Middle Years exams are just around the corner, and will be held February 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th.  Parents of Middle Years students will receive more detailed information next week. 
  • The Middle Years Ski Trip will be held February 19th
  • Crazy Sock & Joke Day will be happening on February 10th


  • New month on Wednesday, BASC forms need to be submitted. 
  • There is BLINE on Monday. 
  • There is no scheduled Cheer and POM on Tuesday. 
  • There is BLINE on Wednesday. 
  • There are a few spots left in the Crafts. 
  • Full day BASC on Friday, February 17th  There is no field trip, but you still need to be registered to attend by Feb 3rd, some spots left. 
  • Monday, February 20th there is No School, No BASC. 
  • March forms are on the website. Only 3 spots left in the wood burning. 

Reminder: If your child is attending BASC a form and payment needs to be submitted before attending. We need to know who is attending ahead of time. Please do not just tell your son/daughter to go to BASC. Texting me that your child needs to go to BASC is for last minutes changes. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions about BASC please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks Kim


Friday, February 3rd is Popcorn Day. All proceeds go to Holy Childhood. Thank you for your support. 


Welcome to 2023 everyone!   For those interested in supporting our school, you can load up and get yourself a coffee at Starbucks, a book at Indigo, and maybe a new pair of shoes at SportCheck while supporting your school.  Boston Pizza also has a good deal on for us now too, amongst many others.

Check us out here anytime!  Don’t forget the app on iPhone and Android.

SCCS Online Fundraising Team

Have a terrific weekend and stay warm.  😊