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I want to start my update this week with recognizing everyone’s concern about the growing number of COVID cases in our city and province.  There is a shift in concern in the way we are looking at the daily case numbers and the news surrounding those numbers. 

I want to thank you very much for all your support, kind messages/words, and for understanding the uncertainty of navigating this pandemic from a school perspective. I am continuously sharing your well wishes with my staff, and I know many of you have reached out to them as well.  Staff appreciate your support as they continue navigate through the many changes being implemented from the government level. 

To put it into perspective, our SCCS community started the school year in the Yellow Response Plan, (seems so long ago doesn’t it?).  We were then moved to the Modified Orange Level Response Plan, followed by the Restricted Orange Plan that we are currently in. As you are aware, plans for our Critical Red Response Level are now being put in place in case we get notification from the government that we need to move to this level. 

On behalf of all my staff, I would like to thank you for keeping your children home when they are ill or picking them up quickly if they become ill at school.  Also, please remember that if someone in your household is ill, students are not allowed to come to school even if they are well.  (as per the government mandate that came into effect not long ago)