Extra-Curricular Activities:

St. Charles students eat in the dining hall with staff supervision. All of the following programs are optional and involve a nominal fee. Each month, an order form will be posted for some of the programs. Families may choose to participate at any level.

Wexford Street Project

Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Program will be starting up October 1st, 2019.

It is offered Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to any student in BASC. The menu will be posted in the cafeteria. No order forms are needed. Any student in BASC may come in and order. All prices will be posted. The Breakfast Menu is not available for the month of June.


Breakfast Menu

Lunch Program

Wexford Street Project offers a hot lunch program to students of all grades. Those who wish to order milk only on a daily basis may also do so through the Wexford Street Project order forms.

Milk and Lunch Meals Forms need to be submitted  the day before ordering.



Mar Lunch Order Form


Apr Lunch Order Form

Dinner Program

The Dinner Program will be starting up October 1st, 2019.

With after school BASC programs running into the supper hour a Dinner Program will be offered Monday to Friday for any BASC student. Dinner program is not offered in June.

If interested, complete the Order Form and leave it in the Cafeteria Drop Off Box.


Dinner Order Form



Parent Council Lunch Program

Parent Council
Lunch Program

Every Wednesday, parent volunteers serve a hot lunch to students as one of our school fundraisers. The Hotdog Meal includes one hotdog and a bag of chips. The Pizza Meal includes one slice of cheese pizza and one oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Extra pieces may be ordered in addition to the meals. Information and Ordering is available online.




Hot Dog/ Pizza Order