Extra-Curricular Activities:

As teachers, we value what students do.

This is their page to highlight the process of learning and to be able to share their work.

Grade 8 Year of Mercy Assignment

The Gr. 8 class was given an assignment on The Year of Mercy. Each group of students chose one of the Acts of Mercy, and was asked to create a powerpoint that explained their theme. They were asked to be creative, and were able to design their powerpoint to include anything that would not only share the message of mercy, but explain it to those who may not be aware what the theme meant.  Students then presented their powerpoints to the class. Not only were the powerpoints impressive, they were moving, thoughtfully done, and not only shared the message of each Act of Mercy, but also encouraged all of us to think of others and their situations. The Gr. 8 class did a fabulous job! 



the Dying

Welcome the Stranger
Comfort the Suffering
Visit the Prisoner
Pray for Each Other
Feed the Hungry
Help the Poor
Caring for the Sick and Elderly