Extra-Curricular Activities:

1. Parents, this is a link to another Catholic school which similarly requires parents to oversee their child’s iPad. Please watch this video and make the appropriate adjustments to the settings on your child’s device.

Parent Restrictions from BMCHS on Vimeo.

2. Please review the current research on technology and its impact on child development: http://www.sd23.bc.ca/ProgramsServices/earlylearning/parentinformation/Documents/ Impact%20of%20Technology%20on%20Young%20Children%27s%20Development.pdf

3. Parents:

Please check out this webpage:


It includes information about how to craft Family Contracts for media use:

"One of the best ways to handle media use among children is for families to sit down together and create a family agreement. This allows all family members a chance to join the conversation and share what their thoughts and feelings are regarding what they do when they’re online. Having an open conversation with your family lends itself to establishing values about using online media and helps to make decisions as to what should be on the family media agreement."

Under the tab Social Media 101:

"is a list of 15 apps that every parent should know about. While not all of these apps are dangerous, they are apps that all parents need to know about. One such app is called Vault which allows the user to hide photos, videos, text messages, contacts and apps."