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It is our belief that schools must foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of all our students. Our school community has access to a vast knowledge base and expertise within our own families and parishes. The Parent Advisory Committee is committed to working closely with the Principal and Board of Directors to ensure this knowledge and expertise supports and enhances the best learning environment for our children.


The PAC chair for the 2018-19 school year is Lee-Anne Brewer, contact email: stccspac@stccs.ca


Click on the link for a listing of the St. Charles School Class Representatives for the 2018-2019 school year.


All parents are encouraged to attend PAC meetings. They are generally held approximately four times a year. These meetings are open to all parents & guardians of students currently enrolled at St. Charles Catholic School.
Please check the website & calendar for notification of upcoming meetings.


Call for Agenda Items:

Issues that are important to our parents and care givers are important to St. Charles. Your ideas and concerns are always welcomed and the PAC is the primary forum to address and discuss these issues. If you have a suggetstion, issue, or complaint that you wish to discuss at an upcoming meeting, it is requested that you provide the Chair with basics of the issue in advance to enable a constructive discussion of all issues at the next meeting. Issues may be emailed to the PAC Chair at any time, but it is requested that you provide your name (so that you may be contacted if any additional information is required), the nature of the issue, why it is an issue for you, what you would propose as resolution, and why. Our goal is to discuss these issues in a thorough, open manner and to ensure that every issue is resolved in a manner understood by all, with a record of this discussion in the minutes for all to view.


Next PAC meeting: April 10th @ 7:00pm

(Please email Lee-Anne Brewer with any items to add to the agenda.)

September 2017 Meeting Minutes


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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

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